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Let’s Move Mountains!

Move Mountains Literacy

is Empowering

Parents & Educators

to help students overcome reading challenges and reach their potential

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We Make Amazing

Things Every Day!

Hi! I’m Faren DeRieux

I help educators implement research based strategies to help children read and write

There is a ton of complicated and, at times, an overwhelming amount of information on how students learn to read. I take these scientific approaches and turn them into simple, easy-to-understand lessons that anyone can use.

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Professional Development

Books to Read

Professional development can be expensive and time consuming. Get your hands on quality resources and read at your leisure. Increase your understanding of how children learn to read and succeed in school by checking out our book list!

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Curriculum Support

Must Have Resources

Is your curriculum lacking key components of reading instruction? Or maybe you’re looking for ways to make reading instruction more engaging. Either way, be sure to check out our collection of literacy resources.

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