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How to Use a Sound Wall

How to Use a Sound Wall 3 Steps to Effectively Implementing a Sound Wall If you are teaching a primary grade and learning more about…

Sound Wall vs Word Wall

Sound Wall vs Word Wall Which is More Effective for Literacy Instruction? As phonics makes its way back to the forefront of literacy instruction, teachers…

What is a Sound Wall?

What is a Sound Wall? Vowel and Consonant Sounds Early Readers Don't you just love a good "comeback" story? You know, the kind where the…

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Consultation Services

When working with students that struggle, it can be hard to know where to start. As a parent or young teacher, you might feel like you lack the knowledge necessary to help your struggling reader. As a classroom teacher, reading specialist, or administrator, you may be overwhelmed by your current resources and the vast amount of research on best practices to teach children to read. I use my experience and expertise to help parents, educators, and district administrators set their students up for success.

Services Include:

Making assessment decisions and reviewing data

Professional development on effective instructional practices

Reviewing curriculum including scope, sequence, and lesson formatting

Best practices for reading intervention programs

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